Pirelli, founded in 1872, is in business for the long term. Our approach is to grow in a way that is sustainable for people and the planet.


Sustainable development rests on three fundamental pillars: economic growth, ecological balance, and social progress.


Acting in a socially responsible manner is more than just an ethical duty for a company; it brings many other rewards as well.


Sustainability includes ethical governance of a company, environmental stewardship, and attention to the social welfare of the company’s internal and external communities.


Instead of focusing only on shareholders and profits, “sustainable” companies focus on all their stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, the environment, competitors, government, shareholders, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, and the local community.


At our manufacturing site in Rome, Georgia, zero waste goes to landfill, and we partnered with a solar energy company to produce renewable energy on our property. Community projects include the InterCampus soccer program for youth in New York's Inwood neighborhood.